Welcome To The Evolution

Krotan is built around a strong core—both principally and practically.

Principally, we are built on the idea that we are all working towards greatness in some aspect of our life. In our pursuit to reach those achievements, obstacles arise, adversity surfaces, and doubt creeps in. At Krotan, we believe in the principal that persistence and consistency are the names of the game. Embrace the process, inspire confidence, evoke excitement, and persevere to greatness.

Practically, our apparel is designed to keep pace with the evolution of human performance and athletic physique. Created because of a lack of quality materials and construction in apparel for athletically built men, Krotan apparel is made from the most premium materials available and designed specifically to fit your muscular build with tailored cut patterns that are assembled by hand in the USA.


Krotan (­crow-ten) is named after an Italian city, Crotone, founded circa 710 BC in ancient Greece as Kroton.

The relationship between Krotan and the ancient Greek city is rooted in legends of storied athlete, Milo.  Milo was a six-time ancient Greek Olympia champion, winner of several significant sporting festivals, strongman, and a celebrated military leader.

Our name is a tip of the hat to the old as we enable the next generation of athletes and athletic physiques.


The Krotan logo is a shield. The shield symbolizes our willingness to persist, unshakable confidence, boundless excitement, and an undying quest for greatness.

This shield is affixed to each of our designs as a tribute to these principals.


Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or just embracing of a healthy lifestyle, Krotan was founded to support you in the pursuit of your goals.

Our tagline is the summation of what we believe and our invitation to join movement. The Evolution. The evolution of relentless persistence, confidence, excitement, and quest for greatness. Welcome to Krotan. Welcome to the community for all. #WelcomeToTheEvolution. It’s your move.